24v electromagnet

12V, 24V and 80V electromagnets

For excavators, loaders, truck cranes, and electric forklifts.

Low-voltage industrial electromagnets are the most practical battery-powered magnets for handling ferrous materials. Compact, easy to install and move, they can be applied also to the smallest construction site machines, essential for completing any metal waste management operation quickly and with extreme precision.

What machines can they be applied to?

The 12-volt, 24-volt, and 80-volt electromagnets can be installed on excavators, loaders, truck cranes, and electric forklifts. Each magnet is equipped with an alloy steel lifting chain which gives the best capacity/weight ratio. This guarantees a great optimization of the lifting capacity which makes them versatile, practical, and at the same time extremely performing.

How to power up 24-volt, 12-volt, and 80-volt magnets

These types of electromagnets are powered by the batteries of the machinery to which they must be connected by cable. This solution makes them even more versatile since they do not require large energy sources, unlike other magnets. If, on the other hand, you are looking for autonomous magnets, which do not need any external power source, take a look at the electromagnets with integrated batteries.

The 12-volt and 24-volt electromagnets

To understand which of the two types of electromagnets is the most suitable for your needs and your construction sites, take into consideration the size of each of them, the machinery to which you will apply it and the weight of the ferrous material to be handled. The 12V electromagnets can be installed on self-propelled machines from 4 to 8-10 tons, they have a diameter of 650/800 mm and weigh from 280 to 490 Kg. Their power ranges from 0.55kW to 0.70kW. The 24V electromagnets, on the other hand, reach up to 920mm in diameter with 1 kW of power and 650Kg of weight.

The 80-volt electromagnets

The 80-volt magnets have been specifically designed for use on electric forklifts. Perfect for moving ferrous materials and cleaning yards. They can be installed on forklifts with lifting capacity ranging from 1.5 to 3 tons and they have a diameter of 920mm. Their power is 2kW and their weight is 650Kg.

Technical specifications of low voltage electromagnets

The low voltage electromagnets are equipped, as mentioned, with the lifting chain in alloy steel, which maximizes the capacity vs weight ratio. The magnetic case is made of special steel, while the bottom plate is made of wear-resistant manganese steel. Furthermore, the resin-coated electric winding of the container makes the magnet extremely resistant to shocks.

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If you need a 12, 24, or 80V electromagnet with a special bracket or a particular size, please contact our mechanical design department. We can customize your magnet and design it together, to produce it just the way you need it.
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