Hydraulic magnets with teeth

Lifting magnets for demolition sites

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Hydraulic magnets with teeth

Hydraulic electromagnets with teeth are an essential equipment for demolition sites. The teeth are designed to dislodge debris and facilitate the lifting of ferrous materials and they also feature a quick release making them easy to replace in the event of wear.

These special pieces of demolition equipment also feature a quick coupling plate, making them easy to install without manual intervention. Ask advice to our design team and find, among all the models of teeth magnets, the most suitable to your needs. Suitable for machinery from 5 to 40 Tons, these demolition magnets can lift up to 2 tons of scrap.

Specifications of hydraulic magnets with teeth

  • Particularly suitable for demolition sites
  • With teeth designed to move debris
  • They can be installed on excavators and other heavy machinery
  • Equipped with a quick coupling plate

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