Hydraulic Magnets with 360 deg rotation

Built for the handling of elongated scrap

Atib Magnetics

The most practical ones for large sizes

Listening carefully to the customer's needs led to the creation of the product that was missing on the market. A hydraulic magnet, which works with no need for a generator on the carrier-machine, equipped with a hydraulic rotation system.
Built with slewing ring and planetary gearbox, the system is suitable for the heaviest duties.
Designed for the handling of large-sized pieces of scrap, both elongated (rods, pipes, rails, rebars) and rectangular (plates, ship demolition sheets, oxy-cutting waste), allowing them to be rotated and aligned to facilitate handling and loading.
It is therefore practical both in demolition sites, where it is often used on excavators in the version with teeth, and in scrap storage sites, where the version without teeth connected to a material handler is more often used.

And for those who already have a generator on the machine? The swivel version of the traditional 220V circular electromagnet is available on request.

Specifications of hydraulic magnets with 360 deg rotation

  • Indispensable both on demolition sites and in scrap yards.
  • For handling large pieces of scrap.
  • With slewing ring and planetary gearbox for heavy duty.
  • On request, they can also be made for 220V electromagnets powered by a generator.

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