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Atib Group

Atib Group

The companies belonging to Atib Group, which includes Atib Magnetics, specialise in the industrial mechanics and electronics markets with decades of experience in the materials handling equipment sector.
Atib is specialised in forklift attachments and masts since 1972. It offers practical and effective solutions to logistical problems, making goods handling faster and safer.

Via Quinzanese
Dello (BS), Italia
Tel. +39 030 9771 711 visit the website contacts
Atib elettronica
For more than 30 years Atib Elettronica has been leading in the production of industrial battery chargers, which are designed for traction batteries used on electric vehicles and aerial platforms, on the international level.

Via XXIV maggio
Longhena (BS), Italia
Tel. +39 030 9971 051 visit the website contacts
Atib Advanced Systems
Atib Advanced Systems operates in the military sector providing accessories, lifters and lifting hooks manufactured in compliance with MIL standards or customised to suit the customer’s needs.

Via Quinzanese
Dello (BS), Italia
Tel. +39 030 9771 737 visit the website contacts
Atib Magnetics
Atib Magnetics specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial lifting magnets, and circular magnets, either hydraulic or electric, suitable for handling all types of scrap metal.

Via Industriale, 29
Barbariga (BS), Italia
Tel. +39 030 9772 170 contacts

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