Rotating magnets and where to find them

Rotating magnets and where to find them

The latest frontier in scrap management

What does a rotating magnet look like?

The key distinguishing feature of the new rotating magnet is the 360-degree rotation capability combined with the convenience of the hydraulic magnet. In fact, to activate the magnetic field, no on-board generator is required but, as with all hydraulic magnets, you can simply connect the device to the hydraulic circuit of the machinery on which it is placed.
An extremely practical system that allows elongated ferrous scrap and sheet metal to be loaded and handled with great freedom.

The perfect magnet for the heaviest scrap metal

In the new hydraulic rotating magnet, every detail, from shape to operation, has been designed and engineered to facilitate the loading and handling of elongated scrap (rounds, pipes, rails, rods) or plates (shipbreaking plates, oxycut scrap).
Thanks to the rotation system, these ferrous scrap pieces can easily be aligned so that they can then be handled with greater ease.
But there is an additional advantage. The slewing ring + planetary gearbox system which makes the rotation possible, makes this new type of magnet perfect for facilitating the handling of the heaviest and largest scrap, even in the most difficult spaces.

The two versions and areas of application

Hydraulic rotating magnets are available in two versions: the classic version and the version equipped with teeth.
The classic version has no teeth and allows long workpieces to be picked up and loaded onto vehicles very easily and safely.
The hydraulic rotating magnet with teeth, on the other hand, can be considered as the swivel version of the very popular hydraulic magnet with teeth. The ability to rotate the system allows the teeth to be tilted slightly, making the collection of smaller pieces even more effective. The mechanism consisting of a slewing ring and gearbox allows work even at high tilts and loads. Even more effective on demolition sites.

Do you know how to choose your electromagnet?

Among the magnets we produce are both low-voltage magnets (12 or 24 volts) and hydraulic ones, rotating magnets, with or without teeth, always ready for delivery.
If you are not sure which magnet will best suit your needs, contact our sales team. Our experts will be able to suggest the perfect model to complete your jobs in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency.
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