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Atib Magnetics
ATIB Magnetics srl

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We specialise in the manufacture of industrial electromagnets for the collection and handling of ferrous materials.
This is possible thanks to our experienced and passionate design team.
The knowledge accumulated over the years in the industrial and electronics sectors makes our magnets extremely competitive.
Our practical and efficient electromagnets are capable of adapting to the needs of each worksite. Innovation, quality and design are key features of our magnets, which can be installed on machinery employed in demolition, scrap and recycling sites.

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Development and innovation

Atib Magnetics believes in the power of development and innovation, two values that have always guided us in our organic and professional growth strategy.
A path that draws strength from the concrete and practical knowledge acquired over the years by the Atib Group.
Each magnet is the result of the field experience, enthusiasm and expertise of our designers.
We are convinced that the best results come from the synergy of our team, and for this reason, every choice we make is based on the enhancement of human and labour relations, among our employees and with our partners.
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