12v and 24v scrap magnet

The battery-powered magnets operated at 12 or 24 volts

Inexpensive and overall easy to install

When we talk about a 12V magnet or a 24V electromagnet we are talking about an inexpensive and overall easy to install magnet. This type of scrap magnet is particularly suitable for occasional cleaning and for all situations where an extremely light electromagnet can be of help. Inexpensive and easy to install, 12V electromagnets and 24V magnets are practical, versatile and do not require large energy sources. They are the best choice for the most meticulous cleaning operations of yards and big metal boxes and can be installed even on the smallest pieces of construction equipment.  

When to choose stronger magnets

However, 12 Volt electromagnets and 24 Volt electromagnets have some limitations that make them preferred in some specific applications. The first and most important limitation is their low power that makes them perfect for fast and poor jobs but not very suitable for activities requiring great power to lift and handle large quantities of ferromagnetic material. The 24 Volt power supply through the battery-alternator system of the vehicle, actually does not allow to exceed powers of the order of 1.5-2.0 kW due to the limited capacity of the alternator. The common 24 Volt alternators have rated powers that are around 1.5kW, corresponding to 70 Ampere. Even the factory-installed alternators of the biggest excavators (up to 40-50 tons) do not generally exceed 90 Amps, and replacing the factory-installed alternator with an oversized one is almost never convenient. With a 12V magnet the problem is even worse, with even lower power available (a 12V-60Amp alternator delivers only 0.75kW!). For this reason, 12-24 Volt battery-powered magnets are only recommended for 'light' applications. On the other way, in case of more demanding jobs that require a high-power magnet, it is better to opt for a hydraulic magnet that benefits from all the power of the hydraulic system of the machinery.

Do you know how to choose your electromagnet?

Among the magnets we produce there are both low voltage magnets (12 or 24 Volt) and hydraulic magnets, always ready for shipment. If you are not sure which magnet would best suit your needs, please contact our design team. Our experts will be able to suggest you the perfect model to complete your jobs in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency.

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