Industrial electromagnets: how to keep them running for a long time

Take care of your magnet to maximize its performance

Like any other piece of equipment, also lifting magnets require maintenance to remain in perfect working order, ensure operator safety and last for a long time.

To take care of an industrial electromagnet, it is advisable to implement a few simple precautions.


Ordinary maintenance

It includes activities, generally of short duration, which must be carried out with a fairly high frequency, sometimes even after each use of the magnet, whether it is 220V electric or a hydraulic one. These activities must be carried out by qualified personnel.
To keep the electromagnet in good condition, it is important to regularly carry out the maintenance actions recommended by the manufacturer, that are described below.
  • It is necessary to regularly check the integrity of the welds of both the magnet body and the cover in order to early detect any possible crack in the structure. If the magnet cover is connected by mean of screws to the magnetic base, it will also be necessary to regularly check the integrity and correct tightening of the same screws. In case of loosening, correct tightening must be restored.
  • It is advisable to check, after every use, the integrity of the chains or the means used to connect the magnet to the machinery that supports it. This helps to highlight any signs of wear.
  • With reference to hydraulic magnets, it is good practice to check with each new use that the flow setting of the host machine has been carried out properly.
  • It is recommended to verify the presence of safety stickers.
  • Finally, it is necessary to check the presence and readability of the manufacturer plate.

Extraordinary maintenance

It includes detailed checks to be carried out at a fairly high frequency.
Extraordinary maintenance operations are necessary for hydraulic magnets, while they are not mandatory for 220V circular magnets.
Only specialized personnel must be dedicated to extraordinary maintenance, even more than to ordinary maintenance. This personnel must refer to the use and maintenance manual delivered by the manufacturer together with the magnet.
As written in the manual of its hydraulic magnets, ATIB Magnetics suggests checking the cleanliness inside the magnet cover and the correct tightening of all the screws of the generator unit. This operation must be repeated every 100 hours of use.
It will therefore be necessary to clean the components of the generator block and tighten the screws when necessary. However, removing the cover for a thorough internal cleaning is advisable whenever you see inside a seriously dirty condition through the inspection window.

Repairs and spare parts

Of course, maintenance also includes repairs in the event of a breakdown.
If any anomalies are found during regular or extraordinary maintenance, or in the event of a sudden stop of the magnet, it will be necessary to proceed with a repair job.
Some suppliers require the electromagnet to be sent back to the same manufacturer for repair, while others provide adequate information for restoration by the customer.
If it is not possible to repair the worn part, it will need to be replaced. In any case, all manufacturers require the restoration of the integrity of the magnet through the use of original spare parts.
It is also advisable to contact the manufacturer if the manufacturer plate is missing or damaged.

In summary, to maximize the life and performance of the electromagnet it is necessary to take care of it by keeping it clean and performing all the necessary maintenance actions.

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