Lifting electromagnet

How does a lifting electromagnet work?

Different mechanisms that make them suitable for specific applications.

An electromagnet is a piece of construction equipment designed to generate a magnetic field and is often used for lifting, picking up and handling ferrous materials such as steel plates or scrap. Lifting magnets can be divided into three categories: hydraulic magnets, electric magnets or battery-powered electromagnets. At the basis of their operation there are different mechanisms that make them suitable for specific applications.

Hydraulic electromagnets

In order to function, hydraulic lifting magnets must be connected to the hydraulic system of the machine to which they are installed. They do not require any electrical connection, which makes them extremely versatile and they can also be used in remote areas. This type of magnet is connected through pipes from the machine to the generator. When the oil of the machine flows, the magnet becomes magnetised; when the flow is interrupted, the demagnetisation occurs. These magnets are used for collecting ferrous materials in demolition and recycling sites as well as in scrap yards. Due to their size, they are often applied to heavy machinery such as excavators.

Electric magnets

An electromagnet is a magnetic device consisting of a ferromagnetic core (usually made of mild iron) on which coils of electrical copper wire are wound. Those products use mains electricity to power the coils it contains and from which the magnetic field is generated.

Battery-powered magnets

The battery powered electromagnetic lifters are magnets powered by a battery which is installed on the machine. Therefore, their operation is closely dependent on the batteries from which they are powered. There are also magnets with built-in battery, which are independent, practical and versatile pieces of equipment that do not require any external power supply. They can be controlled through a radio remote control and, thanks to their programmable electronics, can be used with various magnetisation profiles. They are used in various sectors, such as construction and scrapping, and are designed to collect and move even small ferrous materials.

Atib lifting magnets

Our magnets are the result of Atib group's decades of experience in the industrial and electronic sectors and offer a wide choice for the most diverse requirements. Each magnet can also be customised to suit the specific needs of each construction site, demolition site and recycling site. Atib's hydraulic magnets can be equipped with teeth to facilitate the handling and removal of scrap metal, with a chain or with a plate for quick coupling without any manual intervention by an operator. Low-voltage, 220V or built-in battery-powered circular magnets are also available and are extremely versatile.  

We help you find the perfect magnet

Our design department and our professionals in the design and manufacture of machinery and mechanical equipment are always available to listen to your needs and help you find the most suitable magnet for your site, your vehicles and the loads you need to handle. You can also customise your equipment to make it even more practical and versatile, tailored to your objectives. Contact us for a free quote.

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