Materials that can be lifted with magnets

What materials can be lifted with magnets?

Iron, nickel, cobalt and many other.

Lifting electromagnets, also known as lifting magnets, are mandatory tools for handling materials on construction sites, scrap yards, landfills and demolition sites. However, not all materials can be lifted by electromagnets. Discover all the potential of our equipment and choose the most suitable for your needs.

Handling bulk materials and lifting steel plates

Lifting electromagnets are work equipment which use electricity to generate the magnetic field and hold certain materials on the magnetised surface. Electromagnets allow all ferromagnetic materials to be lifted, moved and handled safely and conveniently. These materials include iron, nickel, cobalt and certain minerals such as magnetite. Lifting magnets are therefore mandatory in workplaces such as construction sites, demolition sites, scrap yards and recycling sites. Magnets can be used on excavators, forklifts and front loaders. They are designed for lifting small and large ferrous materials, lifting steel plates and handling scrap.

Electromagnets for every need

There are different types of lifting magnets with multiple functions, which can be adapted to the most diverse requirements. It is essential to choose the lifting magnet according to the context of use, the weight of the load to be lifted and the capacity of the magnet itself. In addition, it is important to consider the vehicle on which the magnet will be mounted and the availability of electricity on site. The most commonly used magnets include the following.
Hydraulic magnets // Hydraulic magnets are material lifting devices that typically feature a lifting chain, a quick-coupling plate or teeth to move debris and lift ferrous materials. They are ideal for demolition and recycling sites or scrap yards. Also, hydraulic magnets are versatile pieces of equipment that can be installed on several machines, loaders or excavators that are normally employed on construction sites.
Low-voltage battery-powered magnets // Battery-powered magnets are lifting equipment usually installed on excavators, loaders and truck cranes. They are powered, through a cable, by the batteries of the machines to which they are connected. Due to their light weight and versatility, they are perfect for collecting ferrous materials and cleaning yards.
Circular electromagnets // These conventional electromagnets are designed to collect and move ferrous materials, even of small size. They are usually powered by generators on board of the machines to which they are connected. There are several models available with different sizes and power levels.
Circular electromagnets with built-in battery // Perfect for collecting ferrous materials and moving scrap. They are independent pieces of equipment as they are powered by the battery inside the magnet itself. Furthermore, they can be controlled through a radio remote control and can be used with various magnetisation profiles.


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