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For handling ferrous materials

Excavators are self-propelled machines for moving the ground and are among the most popular construction site machinery. Thanks to the large size that characterizes them, they are also among the machines that are most suitable for the application of a vertical lifting magnet for handling ferrous materials.


All kinds of electromagnets for excavators

A magnet for excavator, generally applicable to other construction machinery as well, can be an hydraulic or electric one. Hydraulic magnets for excavators are magnets that are activated by connecting them to the machine's hydraulic system. Among the industrial hydraulic magnets suitable for handling ferrous materials we find the following types of electromagnets.
Magnets with teeth, perfect for moving debris and extracting ferrous materials.
Magnets with plate, with quick coupling. Extremely precise and efficient.
Magnets with chain, the hydraulic electromagnets with the best capacity / weight ratio.

The electric magnets for excavators, on the other hand, work thanks to the connection with an electric control unit positioned on the machine. They are divided into:
Low voltage magnets, also perfect for electric forklifts, loaders and truck cranes;
Traditional magnets, for the collection of ferrous pieces of scrap, even small ones.
Magnets with integrated battery that work even without a power generator.

The totally autonomous magnets for excavators

Among the industrial electromagnets for excavators we find the aforementioned magnets with integrated battery. These particular lifting magnets for ferrous materials have an enormous practical advantage: they are completely autonomous and extremely practical. Their operation actually depends on a battery positioned inside the magnet itself and therefore they do not require any type of external power supply. Another advantage of integrated battery magnets for excavators is the possibility of remote control and the availability of different magnetization profiles. Maximum flexibility, maximum control.

The fields of application of excavator magnets

Excavator magnets, which, as mentioned, can be installed on a wide range of machinery, are perfect for handling and disposing of ferrous materials. They are generally used in demolition sites, in demolition, recycling and scrap yard facilities. They can be used connected to the hydraulic system of the machinery, to a current generator or, as in the case of magnets with integrated battery, without any external power supply. Explore the Atib Magnetics website and find the perfect magnet for your excavator. If you have specific needs please contact our mechanical design team. We are always available to help you find the ideal product and customize it based on your specific needs.

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