Electric magnets

Battery powered electric magnets

Battery on board the machine or integrated battery

An electric magnet, also known as an electromagnet or battery electromagnet, is primarily composed of a core made of ferromagnetic material. A solenoid consisting of many turns of electric wire is wound on this. Each electric magnet uses an electricity to create a magnetic field and attract ferromagnetic materials to it.

The fields of application of an electric magnet

Electric magnets are frequently used equipment on construction machinery such as forklifts, loaders, excavators and truck cranes. Thanks to their magnetic force, they allow workers to lift and move objects, debris and metal scrap, separating them from different types of waste. For this reason, an electromagnet is an excellent ally in handling ferromagnetic material in demolition and scrap sites but also in recycling sites for the magnetic separation of waste.

Battery on board the machine or integrated battery

There are battery-powered magnets of many shapes and sizes. Among these we find the electric magnets that must be powered by an external energy source and therefore by an electric generator that is placed on board the machinery. Alternatively, there are extremely practical and efficient electromagnets that do not require any form of external power supply. These ones are the electric magnets with integrated battery, that contain the battery inside them and are therefore completely independent, radio-controlled and customizable with different levels of magnetization. Perfect for completing any order in record time, even in the most isolated areas.


Other types of electromagnets for lifting and handling materials

Among the industrial electromagnets for handling ferromagnetic materials we also find hydraulic magnets, connected to the hydraulic system of the machinery that provides the energy necessary for operation. Our hydraulic magnets are available in three versions: with teeth (useful for moving debris to extract metal components), with chain (best quality-weight ratio) or with plate for quick coupling. Each of these, as well as the electric magnets, is produced in different shapes and sizes with various power levels to adapt to the contexts of use and the machinery used.

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Do you need a magnet for handling and separating ferromagnetic materials but you don't know which one is best suited to your needs? Ask our mechanical design team. We will be happy to show you the characteristics of our magnets and to follow you step by step in choosing the perfect magnet for your construction site and for your machinery. Designed and produced in Italy and improved in the field for extraordinary levels of efficiency.

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