Hydraulic magnets with chain or plate for top mount bracket and quick coupling

Hydraulic magnets with chain or plate for top mount bracket and quick coupling

For an exponential improvement in productivity

Atib Magnetics' in stock hydraulic magnets are available with two different connections: with chain or with customizable plate for bracket and quick coupling. The features of each of them respond to specific needs related to different areas of use.

Hydraulic industrial electromagnets with chain

ATIB Magnetics' alloy steel chain hydraulic magnets offer the best capacity-to-weight ratio ever. These are extremely resistant electromagnets, ideal for those looking for tools to make even the handling of very large and heavy scrap practical and fast. Characterized by a diameter ranging from 750 to 1500mm and a power of 2.6 to 12 kW, they are mainly used in recycling and scrap storage sites, connected to loaders and excavators.

The circular magnets with adapter plate and quick coupling

A circular magnet with adapter plate for top mount bracket and quick coupling halves the installation time of the electromagnet on the machinery chosen to carry it. If, with a top mount bracket with traditional way of connecting, the connection of the magnet involved the removal of the bracket pins by the operator (who had to necessarily get off the machine), the manual alignment of the magnet, the repositioning of the pins and the hydraulic connection, also manual , with the quick coupling the times are drastically reduced. In fact, all the mechanical connection takes place automatically, optimizing the cost of labor and reducing intervention times as well as the downtime periods of the machinery. And if the quick coupling is an 'oilquick' type, the hydraulic connection also occurs automatically, so that the operator no longer even has to get out of the vehicle, further reducing the time for changing equipment. Consequence of all this is a general and exponential improvement in productivity. The magnet plate can also be customized so as to adapt perfectly to the machinery already on site, eliminating the need to purchase a vehicle dedicated exclusively to the use of the magnet.

Magnets with plate and excavators: maximum positioning accuracy

Unlike magnets with chain, which swing hanging from the arm of the machinery they are connected to, magnets with plate not only follow the direction of the arm but also replicates its inclination. Actually, a magnet with plate and top mount bracket connected to an excavator is typically positioned in place of the bucket and will therefore be able to perform the typical movements of the bucket, allowing extremely precise positioning on the ferromagnetic materials to be handled.

Your magnet, from Brescia ready for delivery

The hydraulic magnets of ATIB Magnetics Group are produced in Italy, always in stock and ready for shipment. From the province of Brescia all over the world! An entire design team is at your disposal, ready to guide you in choosing the most suitable magnet and in customizing specific components. Visit the electromagnets page or fill out the form below to receive a quote.

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