Lifting magnets with integrated battery

Lifting magnets with integrated battery

Flexible and suitable for the most diverse contexts

Lifting electromagnets are massive devices applicable to common construction machinery. They are indispensable for lifting steel sheets and for handling ferrous debris and heap of scrap. this kind of magnets are activated by the hydraulic system to which they are connected ( so called hydraulic magnets) or by a battery placed on board the machine. For this reason they are often used in combination with dedicated current generators. To avoid the use of additional accessories, hydraulic retrofitting is sometimes applied to convert electric magnets to hydraulic ones. The magnets thus converted are then connected to the hydraulic system of the machinery itself to activate the magnetic field and thus be able to proceed with the handling of the ferrous material. Another solution to overcome the power supply issue is to use magnets with integrated battery.

Independent, practical and flexible

The electromagnets with integrated battery are lifting magnets that do not require any type of external power supply. The magnetization is activated by a battery integrated inside the electromagnet itself which guarantees its operation even in the most isolated areas. The ability to lift heavy weights, combined with the autonomy of the device, makes them extremely flexible and suitable for the most diverse contexts of use. Furthermore, these types of lifting magnets can be radio controlled via a control panel and can be customized with different magnetization profiles. All this makes them perfect for contexts such as construction, scrapyards, demolition and recycling.

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Thanks to the possibility of customization, ATIB lifting magnets are able to adapt perfectly to any context. Quick-connection plates, magnets with teeth or chains, 220V lifting electromagnets or with integrated battery. Choose the starting model and contact our team of experts. We will guide you in choosing the lifting magnet that best suits your needs, Made in Italy and extremely versatile. Contact our design team.

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