Magnets for cleaning yards

Magnets for cleaning yards

To clean up and secure the maneuvering spaces 

Among the most useful equipment for cleaning yards, there are low voltage industrial electromagnets. With a specific magnetic tool, it is possible to quickly collect and remove from the yard any magnetic ferrous waste, which can otherwise become a serious problem for tires. A tool easy to install and use, to clean up and secure the maneuvering spaces, by recovering ferrous materials for possible further use.

Low voltage electromagnets

The 80V, low voltage electromagnets are the ideal magnets for this specific use. They are designed to be installed on the most common electrical forklifts, they have a weight of 650kg and are the perfect choice for forklifts with lifting capacity from 1.5 to 3.0 T. Practical and compact, this forklift attachment for wide areas cleaning makes operators' work extraordinarily fast and efficient. The chain that connects it to the machine is made of alloy steel while the lower plate, made of wear-resistant manganese steel, makes the magnet extremely resistant to possible abrasion generated by contact with the ground.

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Each electromagnet can be customized and adapted, if necessary, to specific needs. Our mechanical and magnetic design team is every day at your disposal to guide you in choosing and fine-tuning the most suitable magnet. Just take a few minutes to fill out the form to immediately receive a quote. If you prefer, just give us a call.

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