Magnets for ferrous materials

Magnets for lifting ferrous materials

For a quick and efficient management of scrap and metal waste

Electromagnets are useful and sometimes indispensable tools on construction sites, in plants used for demolition, recycling, and scrap storage. Thanks to the magnetic charge, they allow a selective lifting of ferrous materials for a quick and efficient management of scrap and metal waste.

What is meant by "ferrous materials"?

Ferrous materials are all those materials that contain a certain percentage of iron. They are divided into ferrous metals and ferrous alloys. The term "metals" indicates all those materials that have metallic properties while alloys are formed by one or more components mixed with the metal. Among the most common are steel and cast iron. Given this definition, there are also non-ferrous metallic materials which, as such, are not attracted and lifted by magnets. For this reason, the use of an industrial electromagnet is perfect for making an accurate and rapid selection of debris and scraps, essential for the recovery of ferrous materials and for handling in total safety.

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Do you need an industrial magnet to extract ferrous materials from waste or to lift large amounts of debris? Do you prefer to mount it on an excavator or a loader? Do you need a magnet that can be operated via a power generator or with an integrated battery and is perfectly autonomous? There is an industrial magnet for every context and it is not always easy to make a targeted choice. Ask our mechanical design team. We are always ready to guide you in finding the most suitable product for your field of application and to make any changes to make it perfect for your purposes. See all industrial lifting magnets. 

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