Scrap metal pick up

Optimizing the management of ferrous waste

Choose a magnet for lifting scrap

Metal scrap is all that scrap composed of metal that often derives from industrial demolition or scrapping. Among this we find ferrous scrap which contains iron and can therefore be easily managed through the use of a magnetic field. The most common ferrous scrap is composed of one or more of the following components:  
  • mild steel
  • carbon steel
  • cast iron
  • wrought iron

Electromagnet for lifting scrap

Thanks to its magnetic properties, metal waste can be quickly sorted and transported by industrial electromagnets. Thanks to these magnets it is in fact possible to lift only ferrous materials, dividing them from the rest of the waste materials. A feature that makes industrial magnets also perfect for the recovery of metal scrap in recycling centers, for an extremely accurate magnetic separation of waste.

Why is separating and collecting scrap metal important and cost-advantageous?

The main reasons for making scrap metal pick up ever more efficient are obvious and almost always clear. Other reasons, maybe, you had not taken into consideration, yet.
  • keep clean or clear up a usable space
  • ferrous waste can be transformed into new raw material, reducing the environmental impact
  • You can sell ferrous scrap after a weighing operation

Take advantage of the potential of the machinery you already own

Another advantage in using industrial electromagnets for the recovery of ferrous waste is to be able to exploit and optimize the production potential of the machinery you already own. Each magnet can actually be applied to the most common self-propelled machines, often present on site. You can mount an electromagnet for scrap handling on:
  • excavators
  • material handlers
  • truck cranes
  • electric forklifts

How to choose the most suitable magnet?

To make the recovery of ferrous scrap ever faster and more efficient and to get the most out of your jobs, you need to find out which electromagnet is most suitable. To choose a magnet you have to take into account factors such as
  • the weight of the machinery the magnet will be attached to
  • weight, shape and size of the waste to be lifted
  • the area where you will use it (will you have energy sources available?)

If you want to be sure of your choice please contact our mechanical design team.

We will follow you step by step in the search for the perfect electromagnet, suitable for the context and capable of making your jobs easier to manage.
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