24v scrap magnet for debris collection

The electromagnets for scrap collection

24V and 220V for debris collection

Anyone who works in the field of scrapping knows how useful a magnet can be in this area of material collection and handling. From the collection of ferrous material to the cleaning of the yards: the low voltage magnets make the operations more and more precise for a fast and competitive scrap management. To choose the magnet that best suits your needs, it is necessary in any case to relate the characteristics of each electromagnet with the typical needs of the jobs carried out most frequently.

The 24V scrap magnet for the collection of metal waste

One of the typical areas of application of low voltage magnets is that of scrap collection at manufacturing companies. An operation carried out by some scrap dealers who pass from company to company to empty the containers of metal waste and thus recover precious material. The operation of collecting ferrous material usually begins with the use of a grapple that takes most of the material from the company waste container and moves it to the truck load. But the operation cannot be considered as completed since the sole use of the grapple allows only a partial collection of the scrap. In fact, after the passage of this tool, residues that are too small to be grasped by the grapple remain at the bottom of the container and all the debris escaped from its tines remain in the surrounding area. The magnet comes into play to avoid the client company carrying out a subsequent and further cleaning operation at its own expense. Perfect for these circumstances, the 24V electromagnet can be connected to the truck's electrical system via a small electrical panel and uses the vehicle's batteries to activate the magnetic field. Thus, at this point, the operator attaches the magnet to the grapple and removes all residues for practical, clean and 100% complete work.

Sorting of scrap

Among the scrap dealers we also find those who do not deal directly with the collection of scrap at customers site but limit themselves to buying large batches of scrap and sorting them internally to put them back on the market, making the most of them. In fact, the scrap collected from the companies is not pure. Inside, in addition to a large percentage of iron, we can find more valuable materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. Separating these components from the iron allows scrap dealers to sell them at a higher price. Thus, also in this case, the precision of an electromagnet becomes fundamental to separate the ferrous materials from the rest and to adequately enhance the other components.

Moving scrap in the company yard

Inside a scrapping plant, the quantity of ferrous material to be handled is enormous. For this reason, in addition to the classic grapple and low voltage magnets, the use of more powerful equipment such as a classic 220V electromagnet may be useful. These magnets are usually connected to a machine dedicated to the use of the magnet, such as a material handler. The material handlers equipped with a generator on board the machine can use the traditional 220V circular magnets but, if the generator is not available (as often happens with modern machines) it will be more convenient to opt for a hydraulic magnet. This type of magnet is connected to the hydraulic system of the machinery which provides all the energy necessary for operation. It is therefore a particularly practical and versatile equipment that can be moved on any material handler, even if it does not have a generator onboard. The magnet we recommend in these cases is the magnet with chain, extraordinarily efficient and with an unbeatable capacity / weight ratio.

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