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When it’s wise to prefer electromagnets to permanent magnets?

Variability of the magnetic property and magnetic force

Variability of the magnetic property and magnetic force: these are the main characteristics that distinguish permanent magnets and electromagnets. But which are the most suitable for handling debris, lifting metal sheets and disposing of ferrous and metal scrap?

Permanent magnets: what are they?

Permanent magnets are magnets composed of magnetized ferromagnetic materials that always maintain their magnetic charge. The lifting force of these devices depends exclusively on the material they are made of, their shape and their size. For the calculation of the strength of permanent magnets, as well as of other types of magnet, a gauss-meter in Gauss or Oersted units is generally used.

The holding electromagnets

Electromagnets are magnets that acquire or lose magnetic charge in relation to the electric current that is supplied to them. For this, the same electromagnet can acquire different levels of magnetization based on the context and the purpose of use.

Which one to choose and why

The main advantage of working with permanent magnets is that they do not need an external electric charge to work. They are generally small and practical, easy to move and particularly suitable for contexts of use with reduced dimensions. The weak point of this type of equipment is the poor tolerance of high temperatures that compromise its operation. The electromagnets, on the other hand, are considered extremely flexible and performing thanks to the possibility of varying the intensity of their magnetic force. But not just that. Generally their power is far superior to that of common permanent magnets. Managing the magnet, in this case, is also much more efficient. In fact, industrial electromagnets can be controlled via radio thanks to the use of control panels. The electricity required for operation can easily be obtained from batteries on the machine or from batteries integrated in the magnet itself. Practical, functional and easy to assemble.

The electromagnets of the Atib Group

Our electromagnets are the result of the Atib Group's decades of experience in the material handling equipment sector. Among our products you will find hydraulic or electric magnets of different sizes and characteristics that make them suitable for many machines and contexts of use. Accessories are also online to make the most of the potential of your magnets such as power generators, hydraulic retrofitting and control panels. Trust the design team and ask for a free quote. We follow you step by step in choosing the magnet, always available to give you the information you need and to customize the electromagnets according to your specific needs. 

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