ATIB Magnetics for Carrara Group srl

The hydraulic magnet AM 114 ID

The client

Carrara Group srl - Company specialized in a full range of ecological services.


The need

Extracting small ferrous structures from brick rubble
During the complete demolition of all the metal carpentry structures of an historic brick production site, the demolition of the old kiln generated the problem of separating a limited amount of iron structures from the remaining mass of crushed brick. The rubble was therefore brought to the external square where the iron 'cleaning' operation had to be carried out.

The solution

The hydraulic magnet AM 114 ID
The AM 114ID hydraulic magnet is a magnet equipped with 2 diametrically opposed rows of teeth that allow the operator to rummage through the brick rubble both when closing the arm and when opening it. It is a very performing model, having a weight of 1550kg and a lifting capacity up to 1000kg of scrap, which however requires the use of a suitable excavator. In this specific case, the company decided to use a ZAXIS 250 ED excavator which represents the ideal size for this magnet, and which allowed the job to be completed quickly with a clear advantage in terms of cost effectiveness.

The customer's words

"We had already used this hydraulic magnet in a previous demolition and we had already appreciated its practicality, but in this former brick factory the magnet is showing all its potential" tell us the brothers Marco and Cristian Carrara, partners of the company, "We use it to separate the iron from the aggregate that we send to our recovery plant. The iron, on the other hand, together with all the structures demolished and cut by mobile shears, is brought to our customers' steel mills ”.

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