ATIB Magnetics for CSA Srl


ATIB Magnetics for CSA Srl

Hydraulic magnet AM 75 IC

The customer

CSA srl Company specialized in the decommissioning of abandoned industrial sites, redevelopment, environmental remediation and metal waste treatment. Rovigo (Italy)

The need

Cleaning of demolition site areas.
The cleaning of the areas where demolition and volumetric reduction activities take place plays a fundamental role both for the safety of operators and for the protection of the environment. The goal is to clean the soil of any ferrous material residue which due to its small size is not recoverable through the use of a common grapple.

The solution

The hydraulic magnet AM 75 IC It represents an excellent solution.
Compact but powerful, it is suitable for access in confined and particularly cramped spaces, and it is able to attract ferrous waste very small as well as hidden under a layer of mixed earth, concrete, bricks and other materials deriving from demolition, allowing a quick and complete recovery of ferrous material. The hydraulic magnet AM 75IC, with a diameter of only 75 cm, is the smallest model in the ATIB Magnetics range. Although it can be easily used on excavators with an operating weight of only 8 Tons thanks to a weight of less than 600kg, in this case it was used on a CAT 323 F with triple adjustable boom which allowed the operator to position it easily even at great distance and beyond obstacles still to be demolished.

The client's words

“The pieces of iron, scattered on the ground and mixed with other materials,” says Luigi, 30 years of experience on excavators, “were sucked out of the heap with great ease. Thanks to the magnet, we were not only able to recover iron from a delicate area, highly problematic both from an environmental and operational standpoint, where manual pull-out would have been very problematic; but collecting the quantity of material that two people usually pick-up in one morning, it took less than an hour. The purchase of the magnet was a very good choice."

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