Atib Magnetics hydraulic magnet on Hyundai HX 220


ATIB Magnetics for DI.MA srl

The hydraulic magnet AM 105ID

The client

DI.MA srl Company specialized in the recovery of steel mill slag. Brescia (Italy).

The need

Recovering the residues of cast iron from steel mill slag.
Black slag is a material similar to natural volcanic rocks. It can therefore be recovered for multiple uses. In the recovery process, it must initially be crushed and cleaned from iron in order to recover the metal fraction contained in it. The larger pieces of iron, residues of cast iron, are intercepted by large magnets, generally connected to the same excavators that crush the slag. DI.MA has a state-of-the-art plant for the recovery and reuse of slag and one of the fundamental operations that take place here is to distribute the crushed slag on a plane and then extract the residues of cast iron.

The solution

The hydraulic magnet AM 105 ID
The hydraulic magnet AM 105ID is perfect for this operation because, thanks to the presence of the teeth, it allows the operator to spread the slag and then extract the residues of cast iron with a single equipment. It is an apparently trivial but very burdensome activity, given the highly abrasive nature of the slag, which, as already said, is very similar to volcanic lava. The magnet is used on a Hyundai HX220 excavator.

The customer's words

"The work for which we use the magnet is very heavy, and therefore we were looking for a company that could not only give us support in the purchase phase, but also show availability and speed even on the occasion of the mandatory periodic maintenance" says Davide Uberti, manager of the slag recovery plant. "At ATIB Magnetics we have found availability, experience and competence, as well as a reasonable delivery time"

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