ATIB hydraulic magnet on Caterpillar CAT 323 excavator


ATIB Magnetics for F.lli Omini Spa

The capabilities of the AM 114IP hydraulic magnet

The client

F.lli Omini Spa - Company specialized in industrial demolitions based in Novedrate Milanese (MI)

The need

Demolition of a large steel structure.
F.lli Omini Spa needed a hydraulic electromagnet designed to be installed on its Caterpillar CAT 323 excavator. The goal was to allow the lifting and displacement of large steel plates, deriving from a demolition, to move them to the appropriate areas of storage. The difficulty was represented by fact that the iron plates were irregular, large and heavy, so they needed a magnet with enough power to be able to move them quickly and easily. To speed up job startup, the customer requested the magnet including the top mount bracket.

The solution

The AM 114IP hydraulic magnet
What F.lli Omini Spa needed was an AM 114IP hydraulic magnet with upper plate for the saddle and without teeth, as there were no debris, ideal for moving large plates. For a better service, a complete package was supplied, which included the hydraulic electromagnet and a saddle for Geith quick hitch, complete with removable pins.

The customer's words

“We are happy with the excellent capabilities of our electromagnet from ATIB Magnetics. ATIB supplied us with an extremely powerful magnet, complete with upper plate and top mount bracket. We hooked it up, made the flow settings, and immediately started using it” tells us Davide Pinazzi, who coordinates all the resources on site.
“We noticed that the magnet went beyond our expectations”, continues Eng. Paolo Mazzaro, Project Manager of the group "so with my colleagues we decided to buy more, to place them on other machines, in other demolition sites. We are extremely satisfied with the experience with ATIB Magnetics. Thanks to their availability, experience and competence, they suggested exactly the product we needed.”

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