The hydraulic magnet with teeth AM 114 ID


ATIB Magnetics for Padana Trasporti Srl

The hydraulic magnet AM 114 ID

The client

Padana Trasporti Srl - Aggregate recycling plant - Poggio Rusco - Mantua (Italy)


The need

Extracting pieces of iron, even large ones, from the aggregate material delivered to the recycling center the aggregate recycling plant receives the most varied batches of material since the abilities and skills of the companies that perform the demolition works are different. The recycling center can therefore receive a batch of material consisting of pure inert material, as the material has already been pretreated and cleaned from iron; it may receive a lot that contains many small pieces of iron when the author of the demolition could remove only the largest pieces; but it can also receive a batch of material that contains all the iron present in the original construction, without this having undergone any type of treatment. This can happen when the company carrying out the demolition is not able to carry out a volumetric reduction of steel but is confined to demolishing the old structure and clearing the rubble. In this case, uncut rebars (12 or more meters long) can also reach the aggregate recycling center and must be extracted from the rubble to be sent to the scrap dealer for proper recycling.

The solution

The hydraulic magnet AM 114 ID
A hydraulic magnet with teeth is essential in this case because it allows not only to move the rubble to bring out the iron but also to hook any rod of rebars and literally tear it out of the pile. Clearly, without prejudice to the type of magnet, it is essential to choose the right size of magnet for the carrier on which it will be installed. In this case, an AM 114ID hydraulic magnet was chosen, perfect for a 25 Ton operating weight Hitachi Zaxis 240 excavator. The hydraulic magnet is powered by the vehicle's hydraulic system, which is a constant source of energy. The 220V electromagnet is powerful, versatile and can work even for several consecutive shifts.

The customer's words

"With this hydraulic magnet we can hook the longer rebar rods with the teeth and the shorter ones with the magnetic part" tells us Manuel Gavioli, one of the partners of the company "we can thus remove all the iron present in the batch of material with a single tool. The operation takes place quickly and above all safely, eliminating the risks that would arise during the manual recovery of long and twisted pieces of iron without the appropriate piece of equipment ".

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