Atib Magnetics for Pleuchot TP


ATIB Magnetics for Pleuchot TP

The capabilities of the AM 114IC hydraulic chain magnet

The Client

Pleuchot TP - a Company specializing in public works, earthmoving, demolition and transport.

The need

The CompanyPleuchot TP needed an electromagnet effective in recovering the tramp iron spread over a large area as a consequence of the demolition of a large production unit with metal carpentry bays belonging to an old diesel engine factory of the Iveco Group. The challenge was made difficult by the fact that some pieces were large, so a magnet powerful enough to lift and move very heavy materials was needed. On the other hand, it was also necessary to collect a large quantity of very small pieces and therefore an electromagnet capable of attracting them even from a certain distance was needed.

The solution:

We supplied Pleuchot TP with a hydraulic magnet with chain model AM 114IC, the right size for the excavator available on site, a Volvo EC250E. The AM 114IC is an electromagnet which, like all hydraulic magnets, is equipped with a built-in electric generator with hydraulic motor which makes it usable even on machinery not equipped with an on-board generator, as in this case.
The customer's expectation was for an attachment that could help him make the job very quickly, which the magnet supplied by us allows to do, thanks to its high power.

The Customer Words:

"We want to highlight the extraordinary experience with ATIB Magnetics and with their distributor One-TP." tells us M. De Pommereau, CEO of the Company ,"From the beginning we met a helpful and competent team, who listened to the needs of our company and delivered the electromagnet in a timely manner, satisfying all our needs in the best possible way". "We also appreciated" continues M. De Pommereau , "that an expert from ATIB Magnetics personally came to the construction site to check the setup of the machine, and that he was able to explain us all the potential of this product. In this way we are sure of working at our best."

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