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Atib Magnetics, Steelwrist, MAIE and Trevibenne for a top package

A winning solution, born from the joining of top brands

The company Zarantonello SRL is involved in earthmoving and inert material recycling. It is managed by Eng. Andrea Zarantonello together with his father and brother. As he tells us in the video that you can watch below, the company specializes in the crushing, reduction, and recycling of materials from demolitions. These activities are carried out at their own inert materials recycling plant.

The activity takes place in three phases:
  • crushing of inert material, which is done with a crusher;
  • separation of the ferrous material from concrete, which is carried out with the hydraulic magnet;
  • loading of the recycling plant, which is carried out with a bucket.
To carry out these activities quickly and safely it is necessary to have a set of dedicated tools.

The Zarantonello company has chosen 4 leading brands for this: Atib Magnetics, CASE distributed by MAIE, Steelwrist and Trevibenne.
MAIE supplied a CASE CX300E Excavator equipped with a Steelwrist SQ70 quick coupler. This allows you to attach and switch a Trevibenne F28P Crusher and an ATIB Magnetics AM 114ID Hydraulic Magnet with teeth quickly and easily.

We at ATIB Magnetics are extremely proud to have contributed with our product to the creation of a system that greatly simplifies the collection of iron pieces in demolitions, reducing effort and risks for operators.

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