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Atib Magnetics: magnets manufacturers of Italy

Electromagnets produced in Italy and sold all over the world.

A team of experienced engineers in magnetic design and material handling supported by people with a sound experience in the field. This is where the Atib Group magnets comes from. Produced in Italy, in the province of Brescia, and sold all over the world. The technical department, by mean of the latest generation of FEA software and CAE software, designs and produces high-level Made in Italy industrial electromagnets. The team, always available to meet specific customer requests, can also customize each magnet to adapt it to specific needs.  

The magnets of Atib group

Our electromagnets are the result of the long experience of Atib Group. All the companies of the Group are specialized in the mechanical and industrial electronics market with decades of experience in the material handling equipment sector. Top-of-the-range Made in Italy equipment, made to help companies carry out each order in ever shorter times. Guaranteed efficiency and safety.

Our electromagnets: online sale

Atib Magnetics electromagnets are divided among hydraulic magnets and electric magnets. The hydraulic magnets work thanks to the hydraulic system of the machinery to which they are connected and are always in stock, ready for shipment. Each model is characterized by a different size and power and can be connected to the machine by means of an alloy steel chain or a plate for quick coupling. The models with teeth are perfect for moving debris, extracting and lifting metal debris only. The electric magnets, also available in many shapes and sizes, are available at 12V, 24V, 80V or 220V. They are powered by a generator or a battery placed on board the machine or, in the case of magnets with integrated battery, by the battery onboard the magnet itself. For the sale of electromagnets, you can consult the data sheets of each individual product online and, for each, you will find a technical data sheet with all the information you may need.

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We are always available to guide you in choosing your magnet or to customize it in case of specific needs. Online you can find all the available products with their relevant technical data sheets, you can ask for general information or details on a specific magnet, and you can ask for a quote. Just take a few minutes to fill out the form and in a very short time our team will send you a feedback, whether it's just information or a detailed quote.

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