Excavator scrap magnets

Hydraulic magnets for excavators

For the management of ferrous scrap

Hydraulic magnets are among the most powerful and flexible magnets for handling scrap metal. Thanks to the direct connection to the excavator's hydraulic lines, they can be installed quickly and do not need any additional power source. In short: no electricity, maximum freedom of use. The use of this type of industrial excavator magnets facilitates all operations of collection, separation and handling of ferromagnetic materials in demolition sites, recycling sites and scrap yards.

Extremely practical without the drain line

A hydraulic circuit is a system that creates energy by exploiting the continuous flow of a liquid. In hydraulic magnets, the oil of the carrier comes under pressure from the inlet line and flows out of the return line. Many hydraulic magnets on the market require a third line, commonly known as a “drain line”. It is a safety system for the management of overpressures on the hydraulic motor that allows the oil to flow out in the event that the return out is blocked. Generally, however, the drainage system is not present on the excavators/material handlers and the user must necessarily add it at his own expense. The latest generation of ATIB Magnetics hydraulic magnets do not need drainage because they adopt an “internal drain” hydraulic motor coupled to an extremely resistant seal. This allows the management of consistent overpressures on the return line. A single practical solution to better manage the handling of ferrous materials in total safety, saving time and money.

The plate for quick coupling

Our hydraulic excavator scrap magnets are also available with the practical plate for bracket/quick coupling. This type of electromagnet can be automatically connected to the excavator in place of the bucket or any other hydraulic attachment in order to optimize installation times. And if the quick coupling has also automatic hydraulic connection, the operator can complete the operation without even getting out of the vehicle. The rigid fixing to the same connection of the bucket allows the magnet to perform the same movements as the bucket itself. The operator can therefore also tilt the tool and position it on the material to be handled with extreme precision. The plate of our hydraulic magnets can also be customized to perfectly fit the quick hitches connected to the machinery already present on site.

Your magnet from Brescia, ready for delivery

The hydraulic magnets from ATIB Magnetics are magnets produced in Italy, always in stock and ready for shipment. From Brescia to everywhere in the world! An entire design team is at your disposal, ready to guide you in choosing the most suitable magnet and in customizing specific components.

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